Teamzy Endorsed by Juice Plus


January 30, 2019, San Marcos, CA- Teamzy is excited to announce a new partnership with leading health and nutrition company, Juice Plus+. The company contacted Teamzy after it learned about the positive impact that the Teamzy CRM has had in helping representatives build their businesses. Since Juice Plus+ is keen to provide tools to its representatives to make their Juice Plus+ businesses simpler, it negotiated with Teamzy on behalf of its Distributors to procure exclusive pricing. Teamzy is the only Direct Sales CRM endorsed by Juice Plus+ for its distributors because of the great value it provides.

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Juice Plus+ to provide our CRM service to the Juice Plus community and help their distributors develop thriving businesses,” said Eric Johnson, CEO of Teamzy. “Juice Plus+ distributors spoke and the company listened. I believe our relationship marketing system and direct sales CRM dovetails nicely with the Core Beliefs of Juice Plus+, which include Longevity, Authenticity, Quality, Community, Simplicity, and Being Approachable.”

Teamzy CRM for Juice Plus+ is designed specifically for direct sellers who seek to connect with their networks quickly and efficiently while focusing on high-paying activities. This network marketing CRM was created to support the tenets of relationship marketing, the concept of generating leads and growing business by tapping into current customers and relationships. It relies on the philosophy of selling with heart, purpose and a desire to serve your relationships.

Founded in 2015, Teamzy began as a CRM to help network marketers generate and organize their leads. Over the years, Teamzy has grown to include training programs including Elite Business Bootcamp, the Art of Creating Conversations that Convert, and the Business Builder Series. In addition to the CRM and training programs, Teamzy has built a strong community of successful network marketers from a variety of industries, including nutrition, wellness, skin care, apparel and more. To learn more, visit

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Mike Lopez, Co-Founder and Teamzy COO