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Give Your Distributors a Platform to be Successful

A productivity system for network marketers to manage their contacts and build connections.

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Increase Sales Volume by 20%

Seamless Integration to Your Back Office

Add Value and Empower your Distributors

Thinking about building your own CRM? Integrating with a general white label CRM? Connecting with your back office?


Why spends months or years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a CRM when we have the system your people love right now?

Avoid a drawn out IT project that drains time and money—not to mention the risk that your field won't like or use the final product. This is in our wheelhouse, not yours, so let us do the heavy lifting for you!

  • Your distributors are already using and loving Teamzy. Partner with us and you get to be the hero to your field. 🙂
  • We built it so you don't have to.
  • And we'll maintain it, improve it, train your field and provide service so you won't have to.
  • Shortcut the development process and deliver a win to your network quickly.

“Teamzy has helped us improve sales, partner retention, and overall motivation!”

- Meredith, Juice Plus+, CMO

With Teamzy CRM Your Distributors Can:

  • Consistently stay in touch
  • Know who to contact every day (plans their day)
  • Track all their contact activity (Facebook, Instagram, Email & More)
  • Get reminded to follow up
  • Set goals and stay organized
  • Access our Scripts Library to know what to say and when
  • Automatically sync with their back office

“I absolutely love Teamzy! I just had my biggest month ever in business! Thank you! 😍”

– Carries G

Teamzy CRM Dashboard & Mobile SIte

The #1 Tool in Network Marketing

We were the first to create a friendly workspace for Network Marketers. Since we launched in 2015, we have implemented many features, ideas and feedback from our users. Teamzy is super easy to set up and fun to use, it’s one of the reasons we’re loved by our users.

We've helped over 100k distributors in over 70 Networks

In 90 days, active Teamzy users generate an average of 21 new customers and 9 new team members


Jumpstart distributors faster, keep them longer and set them up to succeed!

We were once Network Marketers ourselves, and we were being taught by our uplines to use pen and paper, confusing spreadsheets and icky sales methods that left us feeling unmotivated. Corporate wanted to help, but distributor productivity was outside their wheelhouse so they left it up to the leaders in the field, who often found it incredibly difficult to duplicate success with their teams.

Distributors need a simple and easily duplicated system to help them organize their daily activities and keep track of their prospects, customers, and team. You see, a lot of them are messaging on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, keeping track of who you talked to, what you said and who you need to follow up with next can be a daunting task!

We built Teamzy to give them a plan to follow each day, and an easy way to keep track of their business. The best part is, you don't have to be a superstar to work this system. It's designed to help anyone get measurable results.

We make it super EASY to integrate

Don't worry, this won't be one of those over-complicated and slow IT projects!

We can create a custom version of Teamzy for your network in 24 hours or less

Our in-house engineers can complete integration projects very quickly

We don't have any hidden programming fees

Lean into our legendary service

By now you've heard the leaders in your network rave about Teamzy's level of service. When you partner with us you get:

  • 7 day per week, professional customer service desk
  • Extensive self-help FAQs and video tutorials
  • Live trainings workshops and webinars
  • Near perfect website reliability and uptime
  • World-class security and data protection

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