Consistent real estate leads in less than an hour per day

Just like closing your rings for health and fitness, now you'll be closing your circles to grow your real estate business. It's so easy!

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How Does it Work?

We organize, prioritize and simplify your lead generation.


Step #1

CircleCloser gets you organized

CircleCloser takes everybody you know and divides them up into 3 groups.

Contacts: People who have not done business with you yet

Past Clients: You've served them in the past

Professionals: Your business network of other agents, service providers, and vendors

CircleCloser will tell you how many people you need to connect with each day to reach your income goal!

Step #2

Close your Circles Daily - Just make someone's day!

CircleCloser will tell you who to reach out to each day.  It automatically prioritizes your people based on who is most likely to recommend you and how long its been since you checked in. 

You'll message them, call or text, just to say "Hi" or ask them about what's going on in their life.  Don't know what to say?  We have you covered with simple scripts that are proven to spark conversation.  Every reach out counts towards your goal and moves you closer to Closing your Circles. 

These proactive reach outs develop deeper relationships and when someone is looking to buy or sell, you'll be top of mind.  Even people who never buy or sell can become great advocates for you and will recommend you to their family and friends.


Step #3

Follow up like a pro!

80% of all sales come between the seventh and tenth follow up. CircleCloser helps you follow up with your pipeline consistently so nobody falls through the cracks.  

82% of real estate transactions come from existing relationships 

CircleCloser users consistently generate referred leads by following our system.

Build a Client Base that Trusts You with Teamzy

Build a client base of people who trust you!

Today, generating leads is about building real relationships and connecting with people consistently, so they think of you when they need a real estate professional. This allows you to become the person they trust and recommend to friends and family.

They'll do business with YOU when they are looking to buy or sell, and in the meantime, they'll still become an advocate for you! It's far more rewarding, and it's the way real estate is supposed to be done!

Get more leads with less effort.

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CircleCloser keeps you focused on the activities you need to be doing consistently–the ones that ultimately lead to commission checks.

CircleCloser takes the thinking and planning out of real estate lead generation and helps you be incredibly effective with your time.


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If CircleCloser helped you close just one extra transaction this entire year, it's paid for many times over. We know you can do so much more than that! CircleCloser is the only tool you'll need to generate a steady flow of referrals and to fill your pipeline!

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