Boost Your Motivation


Boost Your Motivation

How motivated do you feel right now? Are you still as motivated as you were in January or do you feel your momentum beginning to wane? If it’s the latter, don’t feel bad. Most people feel their motivation beginning to fall a month or two into the year. They’re very excited to begin their success journey in January when they set their goals. A few months in, though, and that motivation begins to slip. By June, motivation may be at its lowest. Sometimes motivation dips dramatically in March or April and is on the rise by June. Motivation is something that rises and falls naturally throughout the year. If you want to succeed it’s important that it doesn’t dip too low. Here’s how to keep your motivation high this summer.

5 steps to boost your motivation

Wouldn’t it be great if your motivation was as high as it was in January? Here are five steps to get back on track.

  1. Check your routines

Your routines are the foundation for your success. Out of these routines stem the habits that will help you thrive in real estate. But, to build that solid foundation, you have to have the routines essential to success.

Although it takes time to build good habits, it only takes an instant to lose them. When is this most likely to happen? When you lose motivation. It’s sometimes necessary to deviate from your success routines. However, it’s when you keep putting off those activities that drive your business that your business begins to suffer,

  1. Commit to your Power Hour

Your Power Hour is critical to your success in building your business. It is the time you set aside each day to connect with people in your database. However, sometimes life happens and you don’t get around to doing it every day. Although you have the best intentions, sometimes unforeseeable events prevent you from getting it done. And some days we know that you probably can’t do the full hour in one go. 

What’s most important is that you do your power hour each day. Even if you have to break it up into smaller fifteen- or thirty-minute chunks to get it done. Another way to commit to your power hour is to schedule it into your calendar. Make a date with yourself to work on your business and connect with the people that you need to in your database. CircleCloser makes it easy to know who to contact each day. Simply log in, view your list, and then get connecting.

  1. Assess your habits

It’s our bad habits that prevent us from getting better ones. What habits do you have that may be blocking your path to success? It helps to take a long, honest look at the habits that may be holding you back, from procrastination to not scheduling tasks into your calendar to not prioritizing your day. These are all things that seem like they won’t make a difference, but, in fact, can make all the difference if you trade them in for more productive habits. 

Make your business your top priority

When you create your to-do list, circle the top two tasks it’s essential to complete. One of those tasks should be your daily Power Hour. Another should be following up with your clients. And another should be improving your skills.

Log into CircleCloser

Your Dashboard has a list of people in your network for you to contact each day. Just work through your list and work to make someone’s day. It’s really that simple.


Tracking your progress is one of the biggest Motivational tools. Once you’ve seen how far you’ve come, you’ll want to keep going. CircleCloser makes it easy to see how you’re doing in business. Check in with your numbers at least once a week, or whenever you need a bit of motivation. 

  1. Review your goals

Remember the motivation you felt when you set your goals originally? Tap into that feeling by reviewing your goals and your progress toward them.

The main reason people lose motivation to achieve their goals is that they totally forget about their goals. Once they set them, they never go back and review them. By the end of the year, they have no idea what they set or even why they set them. 

Review your goals regularly so they stay top of mind. How often “regularly” is, is up to you. It could be once a quarter or even once a day. The key thing is to read them over and get an idea of how close you are to achieving them. The good news is CircleCloser not only helps you set goals, it also keeps track of your progress toward achieving them. You’ll always know where you stand and will know what you need to do to get and stay on track. 

  1. Find your Why

What’s your Why? It’s your reason for doing what you do. It’s why you get up in the morning and why you work so hard to reach your goals. Your Why can be one of your biggest motivators.

Not sure what your Why is? Start with visualizing the life you wish to lead. From this exercise comes your Why. When you visualize the outcome, it’s easier to feel motivated to get there. You’re more eager to create a plan and stick to it. Set goals and see them through. This is why we encourage you to write down your Why or have an image representation of it where you can see it daily. Think of it as a daily reminder of why you’re working so hard to build a thriving network marketing business. The more you remind yourself of what you’re working so hard for, the more motivated you’ll feel to make it happen. 

Bonus tip: Have a mantra

Sometimes an inspirational quote or mantra is all you need for that quick surge of motivation. Do you have a favorite saying or quote that really gets you going? Is there a line in a song that makes you feel invincible every time you hear it? Whatever it is, write it down and post it where you’ll see it. If you feel your motivation beginning to wane then you can read it for a quick boost.

Refuel your motivation with CircleCloser

CircleCloser can help you refuel your motivation when you need it the most. We created our CRM to take the guesswork out of building the foundation for a strong real estate business. From a dashboard that tells you who to contact each day to easy goal and activity tracking, we have the tools to help you build strong habits. What more could you want? Click here to learn more about CircleCloser.

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