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Organizing Your Contacts

Every contact you have in CircleCloser is required to have a Rank and Member Type. Tags are optional. Here’s the meaning on each one:

Rank : How important are your contacts? We rank contacts on a 5 star ranking system. The Star rank determines how often CircleCloser puts that person on your Power Hour list to Connect. We default all contacts to 3 stars. You can change individual ranks easily inside CircleCloser.

Tags: Is this a special group? Tags are an easy way to label and organize a group in CircleCloser. For example are you importing Facebook Friends? You may want to add the tag “FB friends”

Member Type: Which is the appropriate group for this person; Contacts, Past Clients or Professionals(“Professionals” are Agents, Vendors and Business Owners)? Click the appropriate group so your contacts are put in the correct category inside CircleCloser.