Rock Your Power Hour

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Rock Your Power Hour

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate or you’ve been doing it awhile, there’s one thing you have to do to build your business – generate leads. Lead generation is essential to all sales businesses, especially real estate. When you’re trying to build a business, lead generation should be a top daily priority. One of the best ways to generate leads is a daily Power Hour. What’s a Power Hour? Today we’ll tell you what it is and how to optimize it.

How the Power Hour works

A Power Hour is a block of time you dedicate to connecting with your network and building your real estate business. You intentionally set this time aside every day so that you can work on building your real estate business. It is a non-negotiable time in which you do not schedule meetings, take calls, answer texts or emails, or otherwise succumb to the distractions of the day. This is why you’ll want to block this time off in your calendar. Block off 1 hour each day for you to do your Power Hour and work on your business. It doesn’t matter when you do your power hour; just that you get it done. Also, your time is stretched thin and you can’t possibly do a full hour block, try to do 30-minute blocks or 15-minute blocks throughout your day. This often works for those whose schedules are packed with showings, meetings, and other tasks that are time-dependent.

Scheduling time isn’t the only thing that’s important about the power hour. It’s also your approach. Your priority is to make someone’s day, and to do that you have to have the right mindset.

What is the make someone’s day mindset?

To make someone say mindset entails a focus on doing just that, making someone’s day. You’re not trying to make a sale or entice them to list their home or commit to a showing. Instead, you are popping into their messages to say hello and wish them well. That’s it. You’re not there for the hard sale, you’re there to check in with them, listen for a need if possible, and plant those seeds that help you stay top of mind.

Making someone stay doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to think of the wittiest or the most inspirational thing to say. Often, a simple “Hello, I hope you’re having a great day!” is enough. If you know them better, or if they are a top client, then you may want to personalize it further. For example, you might say “Hello, I hope that big meeting you had went well!” Or “Hope you had a restful vacation!” The key is to not overthink it. After all, you want to sound genuine and forge a relationship with everyone in your network.

Scripts to the rescue!

If you’re really stuck, or just can’t think of what to say, we have scripts to help you. Our scripts are developed to help you stay top of mind. You can either use them verbatim or as inspiration for your own messaging. Whether you haven’t spoken to them in months or years or you just spoke to them a couple of days ago, we have scripts to cover you.

The secret is to practice them, especially if you’ll be using them in conversation rather than over messaging. The key is to make them sound as natural as possible. After all, you want to sound like you. People can sniff out inauthenticity. So, be sure to practice your scripts often so that they sound natural. You can practice them in front of a mirror or with a loved one. Whatever you do, be sure to practice.

Tips to master your Power Hour 

Make time 

You can’t reap the benefits of your power hour unless you make time to do one. Block off a full hour, or several chunks of time throughout the day in which she can focus on your business. Then, make sure to do it. It’s not enough to stick it on your schedule each day; you have to actually do it. Focus for an hour on your business in your business will thank you.

Channel your mindset

Keep your mindset focused on making someone’s day. Don’t worry about getting their business just yet. If you stay top of mind, they’ll more than likely think of you to help them with their real estate needs, especially if you’re there to help. Now, you want to focus on making their day so that you can build trust and solidify the foundation of your relationship with them.

Work through your list

CircleCloser gives you a list of people to contact each day based on your relationship with them. You will contact your top people more often than you will contact anyone else in your network. That means you’ll connect with the people you most enjoy connecting with more often than anyone else. This makes reaching out even easier. If you like the people you’re connecting with, then it is a joy to reach out to them rather than just another task on your list. Connecting with the people whom you enjoy connecting with first will make it easier to help you work down your list. If you’re new to real estate or are slightly nervous to reach out, start with the person who you look forward to checking in with first. Once you reach out and make this connection, it’ll feel even easier to connect with everyone else on your list.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to a successful business. In order to create a solid foundation for your real estate business to thrive, you have to be consistent in all of your actions, especially connecting with people in your network. When you’re consistent, your network knows that they can rely on you to do what you say you will. This is important to a working relationship. When they’re working on a transaction with you, whether it’s to buy an investment property or their first home, they want to know that they can trust you and that you’ll have their back throughout the transaction. The best way to do that is to be consistent now. If they know that they can count on you to check in with them regularly, then they’ll be more likely to trust you and rely on you for all of their real estate needs.

You also have to consistently work on your business. If you’re only doing a Power Hour once or twice a week, it may not be enough to meet the goals you set for your business. Even if the goals you’ve set aren’t ambitious, it’s still essential to work on your business in order to make it thrive regardless of the state of the market. Commit to doing a Power Hour several times a week, if not every day to create a foundation for your business.

Rely on CircleCloser to help you master your Power Hour

We created CircleCloser to make building your real estate business easier and more fun. Once you’ve imported your database and given each person a star ranking, CircleCloser uses its algorithm to help you know who to reach out to every time you sit down for your power hour. You just have to login and get to work. Use our scripts to help you build your connection and make everyone’s day. Whether you’re new to real estate or have been in this business a long time, CircleCloser has the tools you need to help you build a business to weather the market. Click here to learn more.

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