Habits: Improve Your Success Habits

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Habits: Improve Your Success Habits

What’s one thing that can make or break your success in real estate? No, it’s not luck. It’s your habits. Your habits are those things you do, whether you realize it or not, every day. Think brushing your teeth or showering but for your real estate business. Many real estate professionals begin their careers with the best of intentions. They want to succeed, they want to build a thriving real estate business, and they want to help their clients fulfill their real estate goals while also fulfilling their goals along the way. However, in order to do so, especially within the time frame that they wish, they have to develop the habits of success. What they do every day will determine how successful they are in real estate. So, what are these habits and how can you develop or improve them if yours need work?

What are the habits you need to succeed in real estate?

These habits will help build the foundation of your real estate career.


Consistency is key to your long-term success in real estate. It includes consistency in your business, as well as consistency in communicating with your database. Why is consistency so important? Consistency builds trust, which is essential to building the foundation for a strong network. 

If you want to build a thriving real estate business, it’s essential to work on your business consistently. Not just every once in a while. After all, your business isn’t a hobby, it’s your business. Set aside time each day to focus on it, whether you’re generating leads, checking in with current clients, following up with past or future clients, or just taking care of general business. Your business needs your attention in order to grow and thrive. Be sure you’re giving it the attention it is due.

Consistency in your communication means that you connect with your network every day. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend your whole day connecting with your network. However, it does mean that you spend an hour a day doing so, in addition to the other things you have to do in your business. Committing an hour of your schedule to a Power Hour will help to ensure that you’re connecting with the people that you need to in your database on a consistent basis. CircleCloser makes it easier to build a habit of consistency in your business. It gives you a list of people to contact each day based on your relationship with them and how often you wish to contact them and vice versa. Simply log in and start to reach out to the people on your list that day. It’s that easy. You don’t have to think about who to contact because CircleCloser tells you.

Review your goals

Goals give you a target to reach. If you want to have a successful business, it’s essential to set realistic and achievable goals. These are goals that you know you’ll be able to achieve in the coming year, or whatever time frame you set. However, it’s not enough to just set the goal, you have to actively work towards it. Many people make the mistake of setting goals in January and then completely forgetting them a few months later. It’s difficult to achieve goals that you forgot about. This is why it’s important to review your goals on a regular basis. Now, “regular” can mean something different to everyone. You may wish to review them once a month or even once a week. Perhaps once a quarter is sufficient to keep your goals top of mind. What’s important is that you do not forget the goals that you want to achieve.

CircleCloser makes it easy to set goals that you can achieve. We help you create goals that are realistic for your skills right now. Additionally, we also make it easy to review your goals. Simply log in and review the goals that you have set.

Track your numbers

Similar to reviewing your goals, it’s important to track your numbers. That is, how many people are you reaching out to each day? How many prospects do you have in the pipeline? How many sales have you closed? Do you know the number of sales you need to make by the end of the year in order to reach your goals? The most successful real estate professionals know where they stand in their business. They understand how many connections they need to make each week in order to grow their businesses. Or, they know how many sales they have in the pipeline and how many they need to close each month in order to stay on track. This allows them to adjust their activities if it appears they are falling behind.

Develop better habits

So, how do you develop these habits or improve them?


They say practice makes perfect, whether you’re starting a new sport or a new career. The same is true for your habits. You can’t develop a habit if you don’t practice it daily. The amount of time necessary to develop a habit varies. Some experts say that it takes two weeks and others don’t give a time frame. However, what we know for sure is that the more you practice a habit, the more it becomes part of your daily routine. That is, if you want to do a Power Hour every morning, then you must practice it every morning, no matter what. Over time, you’ll find that your habits become a normal part of your day.

Schedule it

If you’re like most people, you may want to do something every day, however, until you build a habit it’s difficult to remember to do so. That’s why we recommend scheduling it into your day. Don’t pencil it in. You want it to become a permanent part of your day that you schedule around. To use the example of the Power Hour again, block off an hour every day, whether it’s in a paper calendar or on your phone where you work on your business and connect with your network. This is your time to spend working on your business. If an hour block of time is too much, then break it into two 30-minute blocks of time. Or, if you have to reschedule due to a showing or another commitment, be sure to make up the time elsewhere in your schedule. The key is to do your habits daily.

Set yourself up for success

Many people fail to develop successful habits because they don’t set themselves up for success. It’s difficult to form a habit if you make it hard to form that habit. It’s important to be realistic when you are developing a habit. That is, if there’s a week where you’re on vacation and you may not be able to work on your business, then schedule time to take care of your commitments in the weeks ahead of time. That means adding an extra power hour or two to your schedule in the weeks leading up to your vacation. The same is true if you know you’re going to have a busy week and you may not be able to fit in a full power hour. Instead of blowing off your power hour and getting out of the habit, do a shorter Power Hour so that you maintain that habit in your day. You won’t always be perfect as you are developing your success habits. However, it’s important to give yourself grace and plenty of patience while you’re on the journey.

CircleCloser makes it easier to build the success habits you need to grow your real estate business

We developed CircleCloser to make it easier and more fun to grow your real estate business. We give you the tools you need to build the habits of success while consistently maintaining a connection with the most important people in your network. You’ll always know who to contact each day, track your progress toward your goals, and stay on top of your business. CircleCloser is more than a CRM, it provides the tools you need to build the foundation for a successful career. Click here to learn more.

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