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How can I be sure my information is safe?

We completely understand this reservation and will do our best to help ease these concerns.

1) CircleCloser’s policy on customer data centers on the fact that customer data is the sole property of the customer. We offer a place to store and organize that data, but it belongs 100% to the customer and we would never violate that.
2) CircleCloser takes extraordinary measures to protect customer data. These include both technical measures, e.g. data encryption, firewalls, network segmentation, and so on, as well as physical measures, multifactor authentication access to data centers and servers (requires biometric and passcode).
3) In addition to the actual technical and physical mechanisms to protect your data, we also strictly limit access to your data by CircleCloser staff. Furthermore, amongst our staff that have the ability to access your account, they are only authorized to do so in direct support of you using our service. For example, we may only access your account if you request help and in order to help you we must reproduce the issue and/or walk you through a solution. There is absolutely no other circumstance in which anyone would view your data.
4) To offer some perspective as well, we have tens of thousands of business builders that have entrusted CircleCloser to safeguard their data and help them grow their businesses. Our founders created CircleCloser out of their passion and desire to help others succeed, they would never sabotage that mission.

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