Build a Strong Business


Build a Strong Business

Whether you are new to real estate or are a seasoned pro, one thing is for sure: you want to strengthen your business. But strong businesses don’t happen overnight. Strong businesses take time to develop and maintain. A strong business can weather any challenge, from a seasonal fluctuation to downturns in the market. Not everyone has a strong business and there’s no secret to building one. However, You can increase the chances that you can build a foundation for a strong business by doing the following things.

Make connections with your database

If you want the foundation for a strong real estate business the first thing you have to do is connect with your database. Real estate thrives on relationships. The stronger your relationships the more you can strengthen your business. The relationship with their clients isn’t over once a transaction has closed in the ink has dried. One could argue that this is the beginning of the relationship. It’s important to keep in touch with them long after the transaction has closed because you can still be of service to them. If they need the number for a plumber or roofer chances are you have a list of professionals that you can call to help them. Or if they’re in the market for an investment property or a second home, you can help them as well. Perhaps they have a family member or friend who is looking to relocate to the area. What better person to help them find their dream home than you? 

What’s important is that you maintain contact with the person after the transaction has closed so that they think of you in all these situations. Most real estate agents never follow up or check in with their clients after they buy or sell a house. Talk about a missed opportunity. They’re missing out on potential business as well as future referrals. 

The thing is, it only takes a minute to follow up with someone or check in with them. CircleCloser makes it even easier by putting them on a list on your dashboard so you know to contact them regularly and consistently based on the level of your relationship with them. No one will fall through the cracks. You just have to reach out and connect.

Build trust

Relationships are built on trust and to build a strong business, your clients need to trust you. Your clients want to trust you and make sure that you have their best interests in mind. Whether they’re actively looking to buy yourself or just thinking about it. Where the best way to build trust is to reach out and make their day consistently. You want to make sure that you’re top of mind when they’re thinking of all of their real estate needs. Each time you reach out you make the foundation of the relationship even stronger by building trust. And that helps to strengthen your business. They know that they can rely on you to follow through and do what you say you’re going to do. They also know that you are full of information about the market and other local knowledge. The more you reach out to them to ask if there’s anything that they need the more opportunities there are to build trust. 

For example, if they call with a question, Be sure to return that call within a short time frame. Or if you’re not sure of the answer then reach out to let them know that you will find out the answer. Many people are afraid of looking like they don’t know something. However, explaining that you may not know right now, but you know someone who does and you’re going to go that extra length to find out the answer shows that you’re willing to be transparent with the other person, which in turn allows them to trust you more. Just remember to follow-up with them when you do find the answer.

Be consistent in your activities

Consistency is another thing that builds trust. It helps to build relationships with people in your database as well as the people that you work within your business. However, consistency is hard. It’s hard to remember to do activities every day that help to drive your business, especially when there are other things to do. After all you have a real estate business to run, homes to show, and listing appointments to go to. It can be difficult to do these activities and squeeze in your lead-generating activities each day. But you can’t avoid them. If you want to grow your business then you have to do these activities regularly and consistently reach out to the people in your database. Luckily, CircleCloser makes it easy to do and takes the guesswork out of it. You’ll always know who to contact each day. Your only task is to get started. Be sure to keep track of who you contacted and set appointments to follow up if necessary. After all, if you want to strengthen your business, you have to be consistent. 

Follow up with prospects and current clients

Speaking of follow-ups, following up is the most important task to build a strong business that you’re probably not doing. Don’t feel bad, it’s the first thing to fall through the cracks, especially when we get busy. However, it’s one of the most important things you can do to not only build your relationships and build trust but also strengthen your business.

Who should you follow up with? Everyone. This includes potential buyers and sellers whom you are talking to as well as current clients you are in a transaction with. It also includes former clients who you may have been meaning to get back in touch with to share information about the market.

Following up is easy to do. However, many agents don’t do it. After all, they don’t want to seem pushy or desperate for a sale. But following up is not pushy, it’s good business. It reminds the other person that you are eager to continue working with them in value your relationship with them.

Have a system

A system is a process that you can rely upon to make sure that you get done everything you need to each day to build a strong business. In real estate, it helps to have a system that relies on relationships instead of trying to build your business on cold leads. Leveraging your relationships allows you to expand the network from which you can tap. As you grow your relationships with the people in your database your biggest fans will emerge. These are the folks who enjoy working with you and are eager to recommend you or refer you to others who are currently thinking of buying or selling or maybe in the future. They are your resource for leads. This is especially valuable in competitive markets where relationships become even more important. Having a system allows you to pinpoint these all-star clients who would love to recommend you to others, especially if they know that you’re looking for the business. A system also allows you to manage your time better so that you can be more productive. You’ll always know what to do and when each day. Instead of wasting time, you can get right to business and then go about working on the rest of your business.

CircleCloser can help you build a strong business

CircleCloser has the tools to help you strengthen your business. From lead generation to tracking your goals, everything you need to connect with your database is at your fingertips. Not using CircleCloser yet? What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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