Free Live Masterclass

How to be Organized and Productive to Boost Sales & Grow Your Team

Without being icky or salesy

Free Live Masterclass

What You'll Discover

In this class, you'll learn how to efficiently organize your business and get a daily action plan that leads to massive results! You'll be able to immediately apply it in your business!

The 3 Step System  - I use to do all my income producing activities in less than an hour a day (especially if you have NO time!)

How to start conversations, engage your prospects and transition to sale (without damaging relationships)

Create referrals in a way that feels authentic and genuine

What the TOP earners do to follow up and convert! - Know when to send and exactly what to say—without being annoying. (very few distributors even know of this)...

​How to - generate new customers and recruits like clockwork, even if you don't know very many people or are just getting started out in the direct selling business…

Jan 4th | Tuesday

Live Zoom starts at 5PM PST | 7PM CT | 8PM EST

Your Trainer | Teamzy Founder

Eric Johnson

I've been generating leads for 20 years.
Having trained 150k network marketers, in over 80 companies and built the #1 app for network marketing(Teamzy), I've discovered the exact ingredients that differentiate the top performers in this industry!
This class is the culmination of everything I've learned in generating customers and recruits and put it together in a simple-to-follow system.
The opportunities in building a home-based business have never been greater and I'm excited to take you through this class to build the business of your dreams!
God bless,