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Kickstart 14-Day Challenge

With Cora Hoffman & Eric Johnson


Starts Mon, June 13th

14-day challenge with training videos, workbook and in-group live calls

$10 for a limited time


Have you tapped out your market? Putting in the work, but not seeing results? Struggling to find the right people to join your team? Trying to build your network but you can’t get people to see the value or get people to commit?

Turn your side hustle into a profitable business: a structured 14-day training program where we'll teach you:

  • Generate higher quality prospects
  • Stay consistent and build momentum
  • Learn exactly what to do each day
  • Build relationships & generate interest
  • Follow a simple system to increase conversions
  • Train your customers to bring you more customers



Daily Motivation & Accountability

14-Day Worksheet with Resources and Training Videos

Facebook Accountability with access to Teamzy Founder



Eric Johnson, Founder of Teamzy

Trained over 100k Network Marketers plus 20-years as a business coach, Eric will teach you exactly what has worked thousands of times for top producers in our industry.

Join the Kickstart now and have your best month ever!


 Only $10 for a limited time!

What people are saying about Teamzy

Danielle R


Teamzy has been a game-changing tool for my business. It brought me a much needed system to keep me organized and make sure no one is falling through the cracks, while helping me build meaningful relationships! All of this has helped me increase my sponsoring and retention! I wish I had found it sooner! 🙌

Pam F


Teamzy has made my business fun! Completing the daily activity has become efficient and addictive! No more lost contacts on sticky notes; every morning when I open my dashboard I have a list of contacts ready for today. My business has more than doubled! 😍

Mitzi V


Thank you Teamzy for this incredible tool! This is how you GO PRO!!! Teamzy allows me to focus on specific activities to build our team based on the income we want to create. I'm talking to more people than I ever have before in a shorter amount of time. After 9.5 years I actually have TIME FREEDOM and a LOT LESS stress!!