Stay Connected with CircleCloser Real Estate CRM


Stay Connected with CircleCloser Real Estate CRM

Down market? No problem! Successful real estate agents do one thing that sets them apart from the competition and helps them endure any market: consistent communication. Although the market has been on fire for a while, rising interest rates and other factors have created slowdowns in many markets. Sure, this may be bad news for some agents. However, agents who work relationally aren’t worried; they know that now is the time to get to work. Your relationships are critical. This isn’t the time to hide until the market rebounds; now is the time to get out there, build your network, and stay top of mind.  If you don’t do it now, they will have forgotten about you by the time they’re ready to buy or sell. Building relationships is easier when you have the tools to help you work more efficiently. One such tool is CircleCloser, a real estate CRM that makes it easier and more fun to build your network.

How CircleCloser real estate CRM works

CircleCloser was developed for real estate professionals who put their relationships first. It’s easy to get started.

First, create your income goal. Start with a best guess of how much you make now and then add how much you’d like to make. This helps the system generate your lost of activities

Next, import your contacts. You can export your contacts as a CSV file from your current real estate CRM, if you use one. CircleCloser is a real estate CRM that can also sync Facebook friends and mobile phone contacts, which is a huge advantage!

Once you’ve done these two things, you’re more than halfway there! 

Ranking your contacts

CircleCloser allows you to rank your contacts so that you’ll spend the most time connecting with people who will help drive your business. You’ll include the people you know, such as past clients, professionals, friends, and acquaintances. These are separated into the appropriate categories. From there, you’ll rank everyone on a five-star scale. Everyone starts as a three and you’ll move them up or down based on your desired frequency of contact. How often do you want to contact them? Business is easier when you like the people you connect with most often. Even if someone has introduced a lot of business to you, you may not want to make them a five-star contact. Similarly, even if someone hasn’t given you business yet, it may be a relationship you may want to nurture. Go with your gut and select the ranking based on how often you want to contact them and how often you think they want you to contact them.

How to connect with your network

It’s not enough to just contact the people in your network, you have to contact them the right way. Most people don’t want to be called on the phone. In fact, many people will look at their phones when they don’t and not take the call. Some hope that the person calling would just text; after all, who listens to voicemails anymore? It’s not about calling people every day; it’s about reaching out and connecting with people at the right time. You’ll contact your 5-star contacts every 30 days, 4-star contacts every 60 days, your 3-star contacts every 90 days, your 2-star contacts every 120 days, and your 1-star contacts never. 

Instead of contacting people by calling them, send texts or social media messages. These are more impactful than phone calls; they make it easier to return your message, whenever it is convenient to them.

Next, have Real Talks; that is, talk to people about real estate. Even if they’re not currently interested in buying or selling, they may be interested in talking about the market. Share your expertise about the local market with them. Answer their questions, and then set a follow-up, especially if they have more questions. Then, be sure to log in as a Real Talk in CircleCloser.

Other things you can do include popping by to see your top people and getting face-to-face with them. While many agents bring their clients small tokens of appreciation and leave if the client isn’t home, they’re missing the opportunity to connect with the client. Focus on getting face-to-face with the client to connect for a few minutes. You don’t want to spend the afternoon; just stop in, say hello, and then leave.

Creating conversations

Remember to ask yourself as you’re connecting with people, does this create a conversation? Yes, you want to reach out to your clients, but you also want to make those connections meaningful. You want to build relationships with people with the conversations you have with them.  These conversations provide insight into how you can help them, either now or in the future. 

Close the circle

In CircleCloser, your daily activities will help you connect with the people in your network. Each time you complete an activity, you’ll close a circle. When the circles are closed, you’ve had a productive day. You’ve done your lead generation for the day. The good news is, you can do it on your smartphone or on a computer.

Do your Power Hour

A Power Hour is an hour you’ll set aside each day to work on your business and connect with your clients. Log into CircleCloser real estate CRM to see your dashboard of activities to do and people to contact each day. Although the word “hour” is in the name, it often takes less than an hour to do your activities, unless you have a lot of people in your network. 

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to building relationships with your network, as it builds trust, which is essential to creating a strong foundation for your business. It’s in doing your activities each day when you say you’re going to. Also, it’s in contacting and following up with the people on your list. Most importantly, perhaps, it’s in consistently striving to reach your goals and doing the activities that will help you get there.

Commit to making your network’s day

When you connect with the people on your list, you may be wondering what to say. The good news is we have scripts you can use to start the conversation. Simply replace the name and drop the script into your messaging app. it’s that easy! Then, close the circle in CircleCloser. 

Try to focus on making their days. Start with hello and then wish them well. That’s it. You want to keep the message short enough that they can read it quickly. They may respond right away…or they may not. Either way, you’re reaching out to them and staying top of mind. Each time you reach out, you’re building the relationship. Afterward, mark it in CircleCloser.

Don’t forget to add people to your network each day, if you can. Adding people is essential to a growing and thriving business. Be sure to add them to your  CircleCloser network. 

Connect to your network with CircleCloser real estate CRM

CircleCloser is a real estate CRM that was created to make it easy and fun to build your real estate business. Do your activities, connect with your network, and close the circles. That’s it! It’s never been more fun to connect with your favorite people and build your business. Click here to learn more and start using CircleCloser today!

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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