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No more paper worksheets. No more feeling disorganized. Take control of your business from one place.

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Get Organized and In-Control

Track and Manage your Prospects, Customers and Team.

Save Time and be Efficient

Complete your income-producing activities done in less than an hour a day.

Follow a Proven System

Always know what to do next to grow your business; just follow the system.

Build Authentic Relationships

Never feel salesy, we help you build authentic relationships.

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We know what works. In fact active Teamzy users are generating 21 customers, 9 recruits and 315 prospects in 90 days.

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Get Organized Once and For All

You know that tracking your business is important if you want to be successful, but who can keep up with all those paper tracking sheets? It's so easy for people to fall through the cracks when you don't have control or are feeling disorganized.

Teamzy helps you take control of your business from one simple app. You'll be able to track all your reach outs, invites, and follow-ups right from your phone or computer. And you'll be so organized you can get all of it done in less than one hour a day.

Even better, you'll always know what to do and who to connect with, because Teamzy uses a proven system that will help you grow your business--without coming across salesy or spammy!


Dana Setchell


“First month in and I have already added 3 new personal team members! I love the way this tool keeps me organized and I can get the bulk of my “work” done in an hour a day! Thanks Teamzy!!!”


and grow your business!

Easy Setup, Amazing Results!

Not only is Teamzy fun and easy to use, but it keeps you focused on the activities you need to be doing consistently–the ones that ultimately lead to sales and recruits.

Teamzy takes the thinking and planning out of this business and lets you be incredibly effective with your time.

Teamzy CRM Dashboard & Mobile SIte

Features Spotlight

Do more, save time and get things done!

Import your facebook friends, customers and back-office.

Organize, track and build meaningful relationships all in one place!

Track every conversation to reference later

Track your activity on FB, text, email and more, so you’ll always know where you left off.

Get reminders for follow ups and reach outs to nurture relationships

Never let anybody fall through the cracks and stay in-touch consistently!

Daily reach outs with our built-in Power Hour tool

There's no need to plan your day, it tells you who to contact next and gets your income-producing activities done in less than an hour.

Always know what to say with built-in scripts

Stop getting the dreaded “👍🏽” response. We have the perfect script for any situation.

Team Reports

See real-time who's working and who's not.

Business Stats

Improve your performance and forecast your business.

Gmail Integration

Send emails from inside Teamzy.

Team Training

We'll train your Team for you! 

A+ Support

We'll be here every step of the way.

Manage your business like a boss!

Organize and set yourself up to succeed

No Credit Card Required

Teamzy Features

All the tools to organize, track, nurture your people

Teamzy is not just a CRM (Customer Relationships Manager). It helps you build meaningful relationships, tracks all your communications, and even better, it always tells you who to contact next, it helps with what to say, and makes sure nobody ever falls through the cracks.

Find every contact, customer, and conversation all in ONE place

Consistently stay in touch and generate referrals

Track from Prospect to Customer to Recruit

What are Team Leaders saying?

"In the last 6 months, our team grew 35%, and we are attracting more team members than ever! 🙌"

– Leah S | JuicePlus+

“First I absolutely love Teamzy! I just had my biggest month ever in Business! Thank you! 😍”

– Carries G | Rodan + Fields

“I’ve been using Teamzy for almost a year now and it’s completely changed my life. It was the missing piece that I needed with a busy schedule and needing to stay on top of follow ups!!!!!! One of the best investments in my business I ever made!!!”

– Koneshia H | Beachbody

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